Microsoft ceases support for Windows XP and Office 2003

Microsoft ceases support for Windows XP and Office 2003

Keep up with the times – with Windows 8 Pro and the new Office

Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 will officially go out of support on April 8, 2014. This means: After that, there will be no new security updates anymore.

For this reason you should take action. Switch to Windows 8 to avoid exposure of your computer to security risks. Windows 8 is the most modern and mature system that can be used in your company.

Safe operation: Windows 8 pro and the new Office include improved safety functions such as integrated firewall, protection from viruses, Rootkits and other malware like rights management for emails and attachments.

Current software: The new Office benefits from all advantages of the new Windows operating system and cannot be run by Windows XP.

Permanent support: With Windows 8 and the new Office you assure to continue working on a secure platform whereas technical support is no longer available for Windows XP.

Reduced downtimes: Unsupported software and outdated hardware increase the risk of failures. Possible downtimes are reduced thanks to a timely and well prepared transfer to Windows 8 Pro and the new Office.
Increased productivity and convenience of Windows 8 satisfy already small and medium-sized companies all over the world.
As certified Microsoft partner we are pleased to advice you free of charge on your personal requirement of the update and the associated advantages. Please do not hesitate to contact us: Phone 0844 835 356 or

Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 – The suitable offer for every enterprise


For private use
Ideal for families, at home or at school.
Apply the newest Office applications on up to 5 computers, tablets and Macs. In addition get online memory of 20 GB for uncomplicated access to your documents.
 For small companies
Ideal for companies up to 10 employees.
Get location independent access to the newest Office applications as well as cloud based IT services including mailboxes of your company. IT knowledge is not required.

For medium-sized companies
Ideal for companies up to 250 employees.
Offer your employees location independent access to the newest Office applications and advanced cloud based IT services at predictable costs.

As a certified partner of Microsoft, T&N offers expertise in Microsoft Office 365 and is pleased to advise you – phone 0844 835 356.



ENSI – The nucleus of security energy security for our future For security in nuclear power
Even if the Swiss population were to resolve the phase-out of nuclear power, ENSI, the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate, would still be responsible for supervising the safety and security of nuclear power facilities in Switzerland for quite a few decades. This inspectorate controls and monitors the operators of nuclear power facilities, thus helping to protect the population. Communication as a whole and T&N as ENSI's ICT partner plays a key role in its work.

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