SMART Board - The interactive whiteboard

SMART Board – The interaktive whiteboard

Everyone is familiar with the good old solid blackboard. These are easy to use but have one big disadvantage; at the end of the meeting a photo has to be taken of the charts if you want to use them elsewhere. Post-processing is also very difficult, if not impossible. The SMART Board is a new generation! Thanks to its touch-sensitive, interactive surface, notes can be entered, deleted or saved directly in PowerPoint slides or other documents.

The interactive SMART Board replaces the whiteboard and supplements the beamer as a second monitor. The SMART Board has a touch-sensitive surface and it is even possible for two people to work on a SMART display or SMART screen simultaneously – just like on a blackboard. You can choose a colour at the press of a finger and produce drawings and charts as on a whiteboard. If the SMART board is connected to an internal network, any document can be opened, edited, saved, printed and sent directly. The SMART Board allows several people to edit one and the same document simultaneously, even if they are in different places.

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