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Everyone is familiar with video conference solutions that take place in conference rooms. They save travelling expenses, spare the environment and bring employees closer together.

Intelligent video conference solutions move out of the conference room and open up whole new opportunities!

General meetings are not just very time-consuming and costly, they also often lower productivity in the company. One’s own presence or the availability of important employees at their place of work is lost through long journeys to and from meetings; work, and above all decisions, are often left undone. Modern video conferences are a good alternative here.

Intelligent video conference solutions
The growing trend for mobility means that more and more teams are having to work together over greater distances. What’s more, the decision-making cycles have become much shorter. Coupled with the growing mobility, this means that an increasing number of decisions are having to be taken over distances. The best decisions were, and still are, taken face-to-face in binding talks, around the same table and in full view of each other. This is where intelligent video solutions come in.

Thanks to new technologies and good networks, video services can now be used on mobile devices too. To the great delight of the growing number of laptop, smartphone and tablet users. This makes it easier for decisions to be taken over greater distances with the same commitment.

Video conference quality for voice, image and content transfer (.doc, .ppt, .exl, etc.) is thus available to users in the company wherever they have data access: anytime – anywhere – any device!

Its use is incredibly easy for employees out and about. Imagine the video service to be like a telephone. You can be reached when you have reception, and when you want to be reached. Switch on, log in and you’re ready to go with video online. Child’s play – extremely practical!

Video conference as a cloud service
High-quality video conferences need a server-based infrastructure in the customer's data centre. T&N now offers these components for smaller companies too in a cloud-rental model and thus rounds off its extensive portfolio of video conference solutions. As a T&N customer, you can now profit from the benefits of a professional video conferencing environment without any investments. This new cloud service rounds off our video portfolio and lets us offer the right solution for every customer.

T&N offers you a comprehensive service for video conference systems, from conventional support and maintenance services through to managed services and consulting. Together we find out whether it is worth purchasing your own system or whether you would be better off starting with the cloud version.

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Video conference
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