Uninterrupted power supply

Nowadays, when companies have to be constantly available, downtimes are offset against the losses they cause. A UPS protects you against the most common causes of downtimes, data loss and hardware damage, power supply problems and overheating.

Small and large faults as well as voltage fluctuations occur nearly every day in the mains. We don’t even notice most of them. But these disturbances can lead to hardware failures and data loss for electronic equipment. These in turn can cause great financial damage to a company.
Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) protect the equipment against fluctuations in the mains and temporarily supply your equipment with power during any outages. UPS solutions range from fusing an individual PC through to safeguarding the power supply in large computer centers.
T&N has many years of experience and the matching solutions from APC for company environments and computer centers. The excellent manageability, availability and performance of the solutions effectively protect sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial systems of all sizes.

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