Unified Communications

Unified Communications brings together various communication media such as voice, email, video, presence, fax and SMS, thus making it easier for users to manage information.

Unified Communications is a key part of the overall convergence of communication by means of voice, data and video via wireless and wired networks. Its goal is to make information processing more efficient with a central communication platform. To this end, the collection of all kinds of messages – calls, faxes and emails – is structured in a common filing system. This virtual box can be accessed by various end devices such as mobile phones, telephones and PCs. Emails and faxes can be read out and voice messages forwarded as email attachments.

Your work becomes more productive through the central control and management of your entire communications system.
We can offer you much more efficient access to your messages with a Unified Communications Solution when you are in your office and more flexible access to this information when you are out and about. This allows a drastic cut in your administrative work. The systems are able to access different communication platforms such as ‘Lotus Notes’ and ‘Microsoft Exchange’.

Unified Communications offers numerous opportunities and business advantages through cost savings, an increase in productivity, better customer loyalty and new innovative strength.


Avaya Unified Communications

Avaya Unified Communications

The Unified Communications solutions from Avaya have been designed for small to very large companies. T&N has been integrating Unified Communications solutions from Avaya for many years. Customers really appreciate the following features:

  • Seamless integration: It doesn’t matter how, where or when your want to communicate, you have seamless access to the same familiar user interfaces and corporate resources.
  • Presence system: The really intelligent presence information for one person is collected and then compiled by a variety of devices and applications. This creates a clear and dynamic overview of the availability, location, working status or preferred method of communication of a certain person. This information can be used by not just other persons but also company applications, for example, when trying to reach a person.
  • Productivity-boosting: Avaya Flare™ Experience gives you all the tools you need such as desktop video communication, social networks, conferences and much more via a single interface so that you can cooperate in real time.
  • Non-proprietary: Avaya Unified Communications brings together systems, equipment and applications from various manufacturers. Avaya UC supports open standards and provides stable interfaces with products from third-party manufacturers. This cuts costs and increases flexibility. All connectors for mail systems such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes have been tried and tested and are being used by numerous customers.These possibilities protect existing investments. 
Click here to visit the official Avaya UC website


Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Skype for Business makes communication an experience through optimised cooperation, efficient interaction and easy use.

Skype for Business is a unified communications solution that allows you, the user, to make a phone call, use a video conference, distribute documents simultaneously, use a chat function and check the working status of your colleagues at any time.

It doesn’t matter what device you are using (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone), you can run Skype for Business anywhere as soon as you are online. The best thing about it all is that you can start and end all of these services from a single Skype for Business client – now that’s what we call ‘one-interface / anytime – anywhere – any device’.

Skype for Business is perfectly integrated in the overall Microsoft range. Skype for Business services can be used from any Office application (Exchange, Sharepoint, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Navision CRM, etc.). This not only simplifies your daily work but also makes the place you work in less important.

Several people can work on a document simultaneously with the Skype for Business Desktop-Sharing function without having to produce any local copies. You can forget about duplicates and shadow copies.

 Click here to visit the official Skype for Business website

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