Trading systems

There are hundreds, if not thousands of trading systems that work. But most people who buy an existing system rarely use it properly. Why not? Because the system does not match them or their trading style.

One of the biggest secrets of successful trading is to find the right system for yourself.
As a Speakerbus preferred partner, T&N offers open SIP-based solutions that can be adjusted to your needs. This also ensures a perfect integration in the IP telephone systems from Avaya or Cisco.

The advantage of the Speakerbus architecture is that it offers scalable, highly available and stable solutions in this field. Local dealers can also be managed and maintained centrally via the IP network with no additional infrastructure. This permits free seating across locations and thus whole new possibilities such as Disaster Recovery. The Speakerbus systems are characterised by their high flexibility and easy operation.

Thanks to the perfect integration of the ITurrets ID808 in the corporate communication, there are some big advantages for the cooperation between front office and back office. The following functions are supported, for example:
  • Multi-party line sharing
  • Voice recording interface
  • Full duplex conferencing
  • Line monitor/Talkback
  • Support for private circuits
  • Soft key pagination
  • Centralized management portal
  • Mobile (GSM) Integration
Trading systems
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