Presentation techniques

New generations of presentation options decisively change the efficiency of meetings.
Innovative technologies and devices such as the SMART board revolutionise operational procedures.

Smart solutions for business, schools and public authorities

It’s easy to use a classic whiteboard. The only big disadvantage is that a photo has to be taken of the board at the end of the meeting so that the information is not lost.  Not to mention the mountain of waste paper.

An interactive SMART board is the solution in this case. On the one hand it replaces the whiteboard and on the other it supplements the beamer as a second screen.

The SMART board has a touch-sensitive surface on which sketches and drawings can be easily produced. When the SMART board is connected to the internal network, any document can be opened, edited and saved in the network. The SMART board allows the simultaneous editing of a document by several people in different places.

Presentation techniques

SMART solutions give your employees the flexibility they need for clearer and more efficient communication.

Today’s day-to-day business calls for flexibility. Employees at different locations can easily take part in conferences and team meetings thanks to SMART solutions. Screen contents can be shared, concepts and plans exchanged and ideas discussed. In addition, you can easily take notes by writing over an application with digital ink and then saving your work as a PDF or PPT file. Alternatively, you can annotate documents in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In every case, the information can then be sent directly and conveniently by email so that all of the participants have the results of the meeting.

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