Everything under control – outsourcing.
Thanks to our services, you can concentrate on your business.

Nowadays companies have to increasingly concentrate on their core competencies and farm out administrative business processes that are not critical for the course of business (outsourcing). The resulting flexibility of overheads and infrastructures are the success factors.

The appropriate use of IT and telecommunications (ICT) plays a major role here. Our offer includes the complete range of ICT services for a sustainable optimisation of your business processes.
With its ICT outsourcing services, T&N offers you all the services you need for infrastructure outsourcing. Our portfolio is based on a modular concept and comprises, for example, data center services, application and communication management as well as security services. We provide a bespoke solution tailored to your needs and wishes.

Cost efficiency through outsourcing
Outsourcing to a specialist greatly reduces the IT risks. Thanks to the consolidation of the security infrastructure and scale effects in the company, you can often save around 25% of overall costs. Not to mention the flexibility of the costs. Investments can concentrate on innovations and adjustments to your core business and the operating costs for the managed services are directly related to the required performances.

T&N advises you as an experienced outsourcer and accompanies your processes to match your needs.

Technical terms
Technologie Outsourcing – the starting point
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