Mobile device management / MDM

Smartphones, tablets and apps – a flood of new devices and applications are taking over business. What’s fun for users and helps increase productivity means a whole new bunch of challenges for IT – Mobile Device Management is the answer here.

The number of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets has shot up!
What appears to be a blessing for users often turns out to be a nightmare for IT departments. Whereas firms used to provide mobile phones at the company’s expense, employees now often bring their own device to work, true to the motto of ‘bring-your-own-device’. These mobile devices contain not only confidential business data but also personal data such as photos, private contacts, individual apps and much more.

Mobile device management / MDM

This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes in.

On the one hand, MDM ensures that private and business data can be separated. For example, if a mobile device is lost, the administrator or even the owner him-/herself can remotely delete all of the business data and apps over-the-air so that the device no longer contains any confidential company data.
On the other hand, MDM enforces internal security guidelines. All mobile devices must be protected by a password and a certain app has to be installed to ensure safe data access to the company network.
The MDM runs in the background for all users. All functions can be used as normal with no restrictions (email, calendar, telephone, SMS, etc.).

T&N can offer a management software, smartMan, that allows companies to manage and configure their smartphones and tablets with all applications, data and functions safely, cheaply and comfortably via a web-based user interface. Applications can be installed and deleted and configurations set and updated – centrally and over-the-air.

smartMan also offers protection against unauthorised software, viruses and forbidden use. An integrated firewall only allows devices that are managed by smartMan to access the corporate network. What’s more, password and security guidelines can be prescribed for all employees.
Irrespective of the operating system you use, smartMan is available for both the smartphone variants Symbian, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile as well as for iPads and other tablets.

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