Client / Server Computing

We solve the problems your company faces in the IT and organisational fields for you and with you.

Most people think of PCs, notebooks, servers and backup systems when they hear the term IT. Actually, that is where IT really begins. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t take care of this. We implement solutions with hardware and software components or integrate these into your existing environment. As a general contractor we coordinate the cooperation with other partners and assume responsibility for the perfect functioning of the solution.

From enterprises with branch offices, homes and media companies through to building contractors, all of these rely on an efficient infrastructure and IT. Although the industries are very different, there are still a number of common factors when it comes to the requirements on IT:

• A high data availability that has to keep up with developments
• Data security that works easily
• Reliable overall support
• High-performance storage systems


Your information is a very valuable asset for you.
Our server solutions ensure that it is treated accordingly. Our specialists make sure that you can count on bespoke and failsafe IT, storage and backup solutions.

Fitted with the latest technologies, we can adapt clients to current and future requirements. Be this a ThinClient variant or high-performance workstations for your 3D applications, we satisfy your needs and even help you with ‘bring-your-own-device’ (BYOD) concepts. Since mobility is becoming increasingly important and your employees need more and more seamless solutions, we implement intelligent mobile technologies. T&N assumes responsibility: for the installation and delivery of a PC or printer as well as for a large number of servers. We coordinate all areas and guarantee an optimum flow of your communications.

Faster and easier access to the bases for decisions.
Solutions for team work and data analyses based on innovative software solutions make for a smooth flow of information in your company and improve communication between the employees.

Business ideas become success stories thanks to software that is managed safely, reliably, scalably and efficiently. We can offer you a basis for business success: with the implementation of proven platforms for PC and server operating systems as well as with user software.

Customers don’t buy licenses, they buy solutions – or more precisely: licensed solutions. T&N translates the riddle wrapped up in an enigma so that you can understand licenses.

As a Microsoft Volume Licensing Partner, T&N answers your license questions on all Microsoft products. T&N also manages your Open License and Open Value contracts and is also very familiar with software assurance for volume licenses.

This practical and low-cost variant can be used flexibly depending on the size of your company and differentiates between the following levels:

  • 5 to 250 employees
  • 250 to 500 employees
  • over 500 employees

Apart from Microsoft, we also offer software from the manufacturers Symantec, CA, Adobe, Autodesk and many more.

Have you got the right licenses? T&N performs a licensing audit to make sure that you don’t own or pay for too many or too few licenses.

When it comes to ERP systems, we help you with the evaluation since we can find the ideal, non-proprietary solution together with you as a neutral advisory center. We accompany you from the first choice of supplier through to the implementation and roll-out.

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