What enables a company to remain successful despite constant changes? Consulting by T&N develops clear answers to this question together with you, with respect to ICT.

Successful consulting for T&N means giving you, the customer, the necessary specific inputs.
In a globally networked world, sustainable success isn’t based solely on tried and trusted strengths. What is decisive is the ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances and to reckon with the unexpected. It doesn’t matter whether you want to develop in a certain field or are aiming for an all-out transformation.

It is often the ICT that provides the development with a certain framework. The complexity of ICT projects is constantly growing. Our support goes far beyond the planning phase for projects. We advise you from your project kick-off through to the implementation, ensuring that all aspects are taken into account. Our solution design offers a solution architecture as well as concepts to satisfy individual needs. Which is why we also attach great importance to getting to know both you and your project thoroughly. We can then assist you in the best possible way with this knowledge and our expertise.

Our experienced teams of consultants help you make the right decisions in the area of conflict between security and change, and above all to implement these efficiently.




CRM as a corporate philosophy

Technical interfaces
T&N has been dealing with technical interfaces in various CRM applications for over a decade. Anyone who has ever put a new CRM solution into operation knows the importance of interfaces in such a project. It’s half the battle won – as they say.

Organisation and operative interfaces
The way we see it, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a corporate philosophy that places the systematic establishment of customer relations at the centre of business processes. This means creating, developing and maintaining long-lasting and profitable customer relationships.

CRM assists communication in customer processes with reliable facts, figures and data to focus attention on relationships with a high customer value.

CRM systems do not always satisfy the expectations placed in them. A planned, targeted approach that spreads the burden of a CRM launch over several shoulders reduces the risk.

Implementing CRM in a company is an all-embracing program. Important elements of this program include the identification of customer potentials and the exploitation of this knowledge in a customer-based interaction of the marketing, sales and service processes.

The organisational design of the company with respect to customer orientation needs a professional change management that involves your employees and customers in the change processes. It is thus one of the most important success factors for the introduction of CRM.

As an advisor and service provider to the IT industry, T&N can offer you all of the services you need to create a systematic customer relationship management:

• Assistance with strategic questions
• Modelling of business processes
• Data analyses
• Introduction of standard CRM systems
• Development of individual applications
• System integration
• Change management for all organisational and technical spheres of activity

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