Solutions for hospitals, nursing homes or rehab clinics are fundamentally different from those for industry and other service providers. Put in a nutshell, solutions for the healthcare sector have to bear up to the specific requirements of this branch.
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Communication and IT solutions in the care field have to be perfectly embedded in the surroundings and be able to improve the specific processes. This challenge includes, for example, 24/7 availability so that operations can continue to run smoothly even if individual system components fail.

The communication solutions used also have to correspond with the relevant applications in the sector (e.g. hospital information system). The connection of light calls (paging systems for nurses) and the like have to be seamlessly integrated in the communication solutions.

The operational procedures in the health sector call for great mobility on the part of the employees. This in turn demands innovative approaches for telecommunications and IT. WLAN and WiFi telephony, alarms, though also the use of DECT technology, help employees during their daily work. Locating people and objects is a further dimension that will become indispensable in future so as to remain swift and efficient.

Cost efficiency
Financing new technologies is complicated on account of the nature of the branch. The solutions have to be cost-efficient and designed to improve the processes. T&N has concerned itself with these topics in the sector for many years, which is why T&N is your partner too when it comes to solving your technical problems and processes during a consulting session.

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